A KVM switch for your coding setup - Dock n switch easily!

Looking for a desk setup upgrade? This is for software engineers & coders who work from home. Share one powerful docking station with 2 systems and switch between them with no hassle.

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I’m a software dev and I use my 8KSW21-KVM to switch between work and home laptops to do the job and work on personal projects in my break.

These would also come in handy if you are in an office and you can sneak in a games console under your desk, and switch back to work when the boss is approaching your work area…Not that I have any experience in such a thing :grin:


I’m looking for a similar setup, where I can use my MacBook Pro for work, and then once I finish working I can start playing on my ultra wide monitor (Samsung G9)

For this the C10 falls short because it does not have a DP 1.4+ port. I’m considering the D23, but it does not the offer the convenience of the USB power + video pass through.

Is there a recommendation for this?

(I just want a C10 with DP instead of HDMI :frowning: )

Hi Kira, thanks for your feedback!

Yes, I think you want higher resolutions or refresh rates for the gaming PC and iDock C10’s 4K@60hz is not enough?

May I know what resolutions and refresh rates you want for your gaming?
And, for the connection, looks like you prefer two DP Outs?

I understand that you need a KVM that connects to your laptop like a dock, but also runs your game well. Would love to have more details and see what we can do.

Do you think iDock B30 will meet your needs? It supports DP 1.4a, up to 4K@60hz/1440P@144hz.