A letter to you who is craving for a 8K dual DP KVM switch βœ‰

Hi there guys,

:fire:The brand-new DP KVM

AV Access is launching a brand new DP KVM switch that is different from all we have before. This one supports DP 1.4a for dual monitors and transmits your images up to 8K@60hz. If you are working on two computers and care a lot about the resolutions and refresh rates, this one is made for you!

dual DP KVM switch

:fire:20% OFF Pre-sale

Now this product is getting ready and the shipping will start in mid-July. We have opened a pre-sale today to get you the best discounts for a fresh try. Give it a shot! AV Access has a friendly 30-day money-back policy and you shall order one if you do want your dual monitor setup works like magic.

If you have any questions, leave your comment below or contact our support team at info@avaccess.com. Have a nice day.