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This is where you can find out more about AV Access’s product. Welcome topics like product reviews, feedback, troubleshooting and beyond! :yum:

AV Access Product Intro

We live in a digital world and the most consumed form of information is video/audio. Different machines and devices are designed to store, process, or display audio-visual data. And they may be integrated in different ways for varied use scenarios.

AV Access makes such integration easier and :star2: the product enables the client/user to experience the AV setup as they imagine. Here are some examples:

· Home entertainment solutions: home theater setup, the connection among gaming room, home office and bedroom, etc.
· Commercial sites: display system in commercial sites such as sports bars or restaurants.
· Government solutions: AV connection for public lobbies, meeting rooms, etc.

What are they?

What product exactly are we discussing? Firstly, we are mainly dealing with two types of signals: HDMI and USB.

When it comes to our daily life, that would be information from :computer: PCs, laptops, TVs, TV boxes, game consoles; or information presented on :film_projector: projectors, displays, etc. Also the signals from a :keyboard: keyboard & mouse back and forth to the servers.

And our product help integrate these devices and have these signals transmitted as you like. For example:

  • HDMI extender helps extend the HDMI signal for a longer distance.
  • HDMI splitter helps show the same picture from one source on multiple displays.
  • HDMI switch enables a single display to switch among different sources and show the respective content.

With the understanding of what do split, switch and extend mean, you will be able to understand more product like USB extender, KVM switch, etc.

:rightwards_hand:NOT limited to products above, check this out: AV Access product page


This is a basic explanation to help you understand what we are dealing with and what these product categories mean.

  • In fact, many of our devices support ports more than just HDMI and USB (also IR, RS232, audio, DP, VGA, S/PDIF, etc. :white_check_mark:)
  • And different models can be combined and used together to form a more :open_mouth: powerful, versatile ProAV system.
  • More products that might not be mentioned here can be found on our product page (cables, adapters, video capture cards, office cams & speakers, etc.)