Audio via kvm switch

I am planning to get this 8k kvm for my dual PC setup (New 8K KVM Switch with HDMI 2.1 for Gaming). I work on an iMac and watch movies/play games on another PC. One thing to worry about is I am not sure how the 3.5mm audio port performs. Would you trust it on a kvm or intermediary device like this? Do you have any amazing experience with a USB headphone and couldn’t help recommending it?

Thanks in advance.

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Hi, Systemkicker. The KVM switch would be a perfect match for your dual monitor setup and it helps transmit and distribute HDMI & USB signals. About the audio, are you an audio zealot? If yes, there is always a chance to bypass the KVM for the audio. Maybe you would like to try a DAC for this purpose. Otherwise, the 3.5mm port would be enough for basic use.