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Basically, the AV Access product would be sufficient for typical HDMI/KVM extending, splitting, and switching needs. However, some unique use scenarios may require more customized packages or features.

Our engineers and product managers are working on a schedule to bring new products online. We will take into consideration what really matters to you. And your voices may help prioritize their work :rocket:, or add something new and meaningful to the to-dos.

How to make a wish

  1. Describe the new product you would love to see on the AV Access product catalog or a new feature on a certain named product that would enhance your experience.
    ( Discussion about existing products or features would be off-topic and may be removed by the mods. You can give product feedback or reviews by creating a new topic under this Product category. )
  2. Explain how you envision using this new product or feature and how it makes you happy. More details would be extremely helpful for us to evaluate the submission.

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