HDMI+USB switcher from 1 Input to 3 Outputs


I have a product proposition. I am on an adventure to find a device which would split a single input into 3 different outputs for HDMI+USB pair. Each button activates the respective output pair. Ideally supporting HDMI 2.1 (8k@60FPS/4k@144fps) + USB 3.0. So the concern is the maximum possible speed between Input and Output (wanna transfer 4K@144FPS).

Please have a look at the scheme below. Simply put I am tired of manually reconnecting the HDMI and USB cable of respective output pair every time I change the location where I am… It is needed to switch both HDMI and USB at once, because at the end of the USB cable is a bluetooth dongle where I connect all my peripherals from that location and windows always randomly chooses one to activate.

I have found that you have a very similar device 2Ă—1 8K KVM Switch in your portfolio, but for only 2 outputs HDMI+USB pairs.

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Yes. What you linked is a 2 in 1 out KVM switch. It’s a kind of reverse use of what you present here. (Use one monitor, keyboard, and mouse to control 2 computers.) So it’s not what you’re looking for.

You need no switcher because you are using 1 computer. What’s the distance between each room? Anyway, they are in different rooms. I think it is beyond the good-quality USB/HDMI cable distance.

Since you are extending both HDMI and USB signals, it’s not easy to find an HDMI 2.1 extender and a USB 3.0 extender for end-users like this. You probably only get HDMI 2.0 and USB 2.0 at best.

So my solution is to put your computer and your 8K display in the room where you wanna play 8K@60FPS. For the rest two rooms, use an HDMI splitter and two KVM extenders.

The connection would be like this:

Apologize for my average drawing skills. You can play 8K game in Room 1, and extend signals to other 2 rooms for HDMI 2.0 gaming.


  1. 1 In 2 Out HDMI splitter: AV Access 1x2 4K HDMI Splitter, Auto Scaler, HDR, Dolby Vision
  2. HDMI 2.0 KVM extender: HDMI and USB Extender 4K60Hz over Cat5e & Cat6
  3. USB hub (we don’t have USB hub product, you can buy any USB 2.0 hub that works for you)

I think this is the best, also feasible solution.


Thank you for your reply. Room 1 and Room 2 are appx 10m away, Room 3 is 20m away from the server. My GPU is RX 7900XT well capable of 120-150FPS @4K at recent games.

As I mentioned in original post I already have this setup implemented and my solution works. I am using fiber optic HDMI 8K@60Hz cable which can go up to 30m. For USB connectivity there are multiple options to get it over a longer distance. For the moment I am satisfied with USB 2.0 so I use 10m cables which have passive repeaters in the middle and at the beginning I am using this part to give it extra power from other USB socket:

When I didnt use this part sometimes my keyboard/mouse disconnected from the bluetooth. Initially I tried to solve it with USB power injected HUB at the end of the cable, which didnt help, but this one seems to solve it.
Other solution would be to transfer USB over Cat5/6 cable and use adapters at both ends. This way you can go even 100m.

Fiber Optic HDMI 8K@60Hz:

USB 10m Repeater Cable:

So my setup works, I am just tired to every time switch both HDMI and USB cables when I am changing rooms… There is not much space behind the server and wall so having such a device to switch through button would be ideal…

I believe that in the near future many people will find use of it… Sice the setup I have is getting more and more common.

Thank you! Michal

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Thanks for your sharing. Yes, that’s a smart setup for 8K. Now I understand.

There is one thing that will be helpful in this case. But you know, 8K is not yet popular in the Pro AV industry (only for some simple setup KVM switches) so you may not use this. Just sharing for fun.

It’s KVM over IP solutions (4K@60HZ). We do have it but not open for end-users yet (maybe next year). (Best 4K KVM over IP Matrix Solution w/ HDMI 2.0 & Video Wall)

The setup would look like below. You can route any of the receivers to any one of the transmitters on a web UI or an App. (and add up more receivers and transmitters freely).

Thanks for replying again. I was recommended those network switchers at reddit but as you mentioned they are limited to 60FPS at 4K… Also I would rather avoid protocol conversion/encapsulation if possible not to introduce extra latency.

Thus only feasible solution would be to do it solely on the hardware layer… some kind of muxer for the HDMI+USB pair… lets say supporting 4 different output pairs, which should be satisfactory for most scenarios like mine…


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Let me know once you have your internal discussion whether you decide to manufacture it or not… so I don’t (do) linger on my hopes :slight_smile: thnaks