KVM switch and extenders combined setup troubleshooting

Hi. I recently moved my servers and security nvr to the basement and purchased several kits of kvm extenders & a hdmi kvm swicth from AV Access to extend hdmi and usb from the basement to my office on the second floor. This setup is to enable quick switch between multipe devices using the kvm switch on my desktop.

Here are the product links, the kvm switch: https://www.avaccess.com/products/4ksw41-kvm/ & the kvm extender: https://www.avaccess.com/products/4kip100-kvm/

The connection to my pc is working perfectly while when I push the button to switch to another device, it just failed to connect. I checked the lights and all the power & link lights are on while the LAN lights of an extender keeps flashing. What do these flashes indicate?




Hi @Sherran, welcome to the community! It’s smart to combine KVM extenders & a KVM switch for your situation. I am not sure what’s going on with the LAN signals. Well since one of the sources works well with the KVM, I suppose the extenders and switch are of good quality.

Here are some steps you can try to troubleshoot the setup:

  • Check if you have toggled each individual switch of the DIP Switch on the receiver to the same positions as these on the transmitter. (if you connect your transmitter and receiver directly without an ethernet switch, then this doesn’t matter.)
  • Check if the “Power” LED indicators on the transmitter and the receiver are solid on. (to rule out the problem of your power or the power adapter)
  • Check if the “Link” LED indicators on the transmitter and the receiver are solid on. If not, try using a new Cat cable.
  • Try connecting the source to the display device directly, without using the KVM extenders & switch. Then check if there is any video output. If no output shows, maybe you shall check your devices or change the cable you are using.
  • 4KIP100-KVM supports 4K@30Hz or 1080P. Check your source video and your display spec. and make sure they match.

Thanks. Tried connecting to the screen directly and found there is something wrong with the HDMI cable.