Looking for a 5*4 switcher solution

Hello, need some help. I am building a workshop and my friend refers me to AV Access.
I have checked both your store on Amazon and the avacess website. I can’t find a suitable product according to my situation.
Actually, I need a 5*4 switcher for my workshop, but I find that there are only 5 in 1 out, please how can I handle this dilemma.

Hi there. Welcome to our community. This is John from AV Access.

Yes, I am sorry that we don’t have the 54 switch currently. However, we would like to recommend you to combine the 4KSW51 with 4KSP14-S, you can achieve 5 in 4 out with this simple solution, which has the same function as a 54 switch.

Here are the product links for your reference.

4KSW51: https://www.avaccess.com/eu/products/4ksw51/
4KSP14-S: https://www.avaccess.com/eu/products/4ksp14-s/

In general, we will recommend you some product portfolio if the single product can’t feed your needs. Hope this answer is helpful for you. Have a nice day.


Interesting couple. This might work, thanks. :+1: