Marketing Material

do you have marketing material to share with us?
we need this to introduce av-access with product to our customer, usually contains:

  1. product superiority compared to competitors
  2. why should we choose this product compared to the competition
  3. examples of successful projects using av-access products
  4. target customers for each

thank you

Hi Dani, thanks for asking. Which product are you targeting?
We have use cases published here: Case Study - AV Access
We also have a product catalog for an overview. I am not sure if we have the whole package of content you are asking for for the target product but I will let our sales colleague know and see if he could help.

I learned that you have talked to John.

If you choose one product category, which is the most you want for this marketing material? We do have a plan to create more content that would help our clients with their projects. I will be happy to send your view to the content team.

i think i choose AV over IP and KVM Switch and dock

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Thanks for letting me know. I will let you know if we have something new coming out, but may not be as fast as you expect. BTW, you can find plenty of KVM switch videos on our YouTube channel if this help. (

Waiting for confirmation whether what was requested is available ?

Hi Dani. You will find use cases, product intro, and video guides below:

  1. Case Study - AV Access
  2. (AV over IP)

You can also visit our YouTube channel: @avaccess
I will let you know if we have new KVM switch/AVoIP brochures coming out.