Model name change: intro to iDock C10 & iDock B30

AV Access integrated the features of a KVM switch and a USB-C docking station and started the product line of KVM Switch Docking Station this year.

iDock C10, previously 4KSW21-DK

We launched 4KSW21-DK, a KVM switch docking station with a 12-in-1 full-feature hub that connects to 2 computers - a laptop and a desktop. It soon went viral and became one of our best-sellers. The product model has been changed to iDock C10 and you can find it here. Nothing has been changed and we only changed the model name to make it more plain and easy to understand.

iDock B30, previously 4KSW31C-DM

iDock C10 is a 2-port KVM switch, and if you wanna connect 3 devices including your laptops and desktops for work and home, iDock B30 is your pick. The model was previously named 4KSW31C-DM and has now been changed to iDock B30. It supports USB-C connection and power delivery.

More information to be explored here:

KVM switch docking station is an innovation that meets the needs of end-users in real-world uses. Make it simple and cost-effective. Make it innovative and helpful. These are what we believe in.

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