New product release: DisplayPort 2.0 triple monitor KVM switch

New Product Release: 3-monitor DP KVM

We are excited to start the pre-sale of iDock D23, a two-port, triple monitor KVM switch for Displayport 2.0 connection. If you wanna share a triple-view setup for two desktop PCs, this is a perfect fit.

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:point_right: Pre-sale page: Best 8K DP KVM Switch Docking Station for 2 PCs & 3 Monitors


Triple View for 8K Images

The KVM supports DisplayPort 2.0 (up to 8K@60hz/4K@165hz) and offers three video-out ports to hook up your devices to three monitors. You can connect two PCs to three high-quality screens with no hassle.

12-in-1 Docking feature

D23 is not only a KVM switch, but also a docking station to share connectivity between 2 PCS. You will find USB 3.0 ports for a hard drive, webcam, etc, USB 2.0 ports for a keyboard and mouse, an Ethernet port, an SD card reader, an audio jack, and a USB-C port.

Two-port DisplayPort 2.0

This is a two-port KVM where you can connect up to two PCs. You can easily switch between 2 systems in the same setup and save the trouble of plugging and unplugging cables.

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Spice up your triple-view setup.

I’m excited about this new product but have just one concern:

The product doesn’t support EDID emulation at present.

At what point should we expect a firmware update to deliver this support? This is a key feature that premium KVMs need to have.

Hi Jeremy. Not sure where you saw this. It might be a bit misleading. That won’t happen because it’s a DisplayPort KVM. You’ll find EDID emulation only with HDMI.

We have many HDMI KVMs that support EDID. What makes you excited about this product? Is it triple monitor support?