New Release: KVM Matrix over IP for Control Center (4KIPJ200)

KVM over IP Solution, Scalable Matrix Control

We’re releasing a new KVM over IP solution and now you can get it at a lower price at the pre-sale stage!

So, what product exactly?

4KIPJ200, the KVM over IP solution, is newly released and now open for pre-sale. If you’re looking to build a control center that can manage remote servers in a school, an organization, or an institution, this is a solution you should look at.

  • The encoder and the decoder are sold separately so that you can have a customized solution according to the scale of your system.
  • 4KIPJ200 supports low-latency many-to-many KVM matrix control over IP, including features like mouse roaming and video wall setup.
  • The control can be quite handy with the HDIP-IPC control box, which is intuitive and easy to use.
  • More functions haven’t been unfolded here. If you are interested in whether the product will meet your needs, feel free to consult our sales (via They are happy to help!

Exclusive Presale Offers!

Take advantage of our limited-time presale offers with exclusive 30% discounts for our partners:

  • 4KIPJ200E Encoder: Now $628.25 (originally $897.50)
  • 4KIPJ200D Decoder: Now $663.25 (originally $947.50)
  • HDIP-IPC Controller: Now $453.25 (originally $647.50)

Additionally, enjoy a special 40% off when you purchase over 100 units in total across any of these three products. All presale items will ship in mid to late July. Order now to secure these unbeatable prices and upgrade your control systems with state-of-the-art technology.