New upgrade of AV Access wireless HDMI extender (HDW100)!

Good news. :partying_face:

Our team heard the feedback from our clients and upgraded the AV Access wireless HDMI extender HDW100 to improve the user experience. ( :superhero: upgraded new products are on-shelf now)

Whatโ€™s new about the HDW100?

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With the auto-matching feature, the HDW100 will automatically search for the best channel and automatically jump to a new channel when the current wireless network signal is poor.

Wireless HDMI Extender

Inevitably, a wireless extender has its limits. It transmits data over wireless signals. And sometimes in the same room, this kit might not be the only device that communicates through the wireless network. If so, they may interfere with each other and affect the data transmission process.

There are some workarounds. For example, model HDW200 has an in-built dip switch to help match the pair of a transmiter and a receiver so that they can โ€œtalk to each otherโ€ without interference.

Instead, HDW100 is designed for a more economic application. This upgrade enables our users to enjoy a more stable product at a reasonable cost.

Any experience that you wanna share using a wireless HDMI extender?