Pre-sale 20% Off: Switch and Dock Two Laptops at Ease

New KVM switch Docking Station for Two-Laptop Setup

iDock C20 is a brand-new KVM switch inspired by and created for our users. The previous version iDock C10 (for one desktop & one laptop setup) has been warmly received by the market and many users were asking for a new design for a dual laptop connection.

Here it is!

We accepted our users’ advice and made it come true. iDock C20 is designed especially for 2-laptop 2-monitor setups. I bet those who need this gear are working in a hybrid mode or fully from home, having a work laptop and a home laptop to connect to a bunch of peripherals - correct me if I am wrong.

Why iDock C20?

Like the previous version (iDock C10), iDock C20 is also a KVM switch integrated with 12-in-1 docking features. Here are what you can do with iDock C20.

  • Connect two laptops to two monitors.
  • Share your keyboard, mouse, monitors, a headphone, webcam, hard drive, SD card, and other peripherals between them.
  • Switch between two systems in one click, no more unplugging.
  • Have an Ethernet port to share a wired network between 2 computers.
  • Constant power delivery to both computers via USB-C.

More benefits to be explored!

Share with us if you have any new findings, feedback for iDock C10 or C20, or questions about the product / KVM switch docking station. We will be happy to hear from you. : )