Products for a video wall and TV system

Hi, everyone. I own a bar and am looking for a prefect solution for my entertainment system. I got a PC where I can play promos, sports livestreaming and two media players for music and movies. I wanna build a video wall on my main stage and have 4 other TVs in seperate booth.

What I want is that first, the video wall and TVs can work as extension screens at the same time for my PC, also if I need, the TVs can play sources from the two media players as well. Do I need a switch plus splitter or some other combination?

Any portfolio for such a setup? Your suggestions will be appreciated!!


Hello! Welcome to our community. This is John from AV Access.

Thank you for leaving the message, about your inquiry, we would like to recommend you our product HDIP100D/E. Here are the product links for your reference.

For this product, please may I know the details of your video wall, because the source and display should be equal to HDIP100E and HDIP100D. In other word, you need 3 HDIP100E for your PC and two media players according to your situation. So you just need to confirm the decoders.

Meanwhile,this product is the first “no switch configuration needed” AV over IP solution, no IP knowledge is required, you can download an APP “Vdirector” for visual control, and could be used as a flexible HDMI Matrix. It is a perfect solution for sports bars or video wall projects.
We have a video showing how to control the device, please refer to this link: AV Access Zero-Configuration 1080P H.265 HDMI over IP Extender w/ Video Wall, Visual Control & PoE - YouTube

If you still have any problems, please feel free to contact me. (

Thanks. I got a 3*3 HD LED video wall plus four 4K HDR TVs. Just check the specs and this model looks good for my video wall. I am thinking about the necessity for extra 4k extenders.