🛍️ Shop before Christmas Come! (Dec 19 - Dec 25)

Happy holiday! Thank you for all your support and feedback this year. This is the first Christmas for AV Access Community and we are happy to meet you here.

AV Access Team wishes you and your families all the best and hopes you enjoy the best experience this warm holiday could offer.

Christmas Bonus: In order to thank you for the engagement, we are giving out $5 coupons for our community members. We invite you to leave your feedback (Share Your User Experience & Get $10 Right Away!) to win more. Enjoy!

Xmas Special Discounts (Dec.19-Dec.25)

We selected a collection of best-selling products from our HDMI extenders, KVM extenders, and meeting room systems. Discounts are given to:

May you enjoy a great AV experience with the help of these ProAV innovations.

1. E-share Meeting Presentation System

  • #E-share C30# offers a wired, reliable connection in the meeting room.
  • #W50# is a better pick if you wish to implement BYOD in your meeting room as it enables wireless screen sharing.

Learn more about our meeting room presentation systems by reading >>this infographic.

meeting room presentation system c30 EShare W50

Note: AV Access partners enjoy discounts of 20% off (Starting from 10 pieces).

2. HDIP100 HDMI Extender over IP

AV over IP solutions offer better flexibility and scalability for your installation and integration.

#HDIP100# is the best-sellers for extending HDMI in a:

  • Sports bar
  • Restaurant
  • Shopping mall
  • Etc.

Or build a video system that helps you easily distribute content in different spaces.

Maybe one of the sports bars you are visiting this World Cup season has built its video wall with HDIP100. Watch this video to learn how HDIP100 helps build the video system in a sports bar.


Note: AV Access partners enjoy discounts of 15% off (Starting from 10 pieces).

3. More discounts: KVM Extenders

You will find more discounted products in the #KVM extenders# section. Shop before Christmas ends and save up to 10%!

Go and enjoy the sales season!