💥 Take 27% OFF: Brand-new 4-in-1 4K HDMI over IP Encoder

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The brand-new four-in-one HDMI over IP Encoder is finally launched! If you are building up your video system using the AV over IP matrix, this product combines 4 encoders into one to bring down the price and your cost.

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What Does It Do?

This product shall be used with 4KIP200 Decoders to build your own video system and video wall. This new model (SKU: 4KIP204E) is used as four 4KIP200 encoders to connect to four different media sources like your TV boxes, Blu-ray player, or your AV Receiver.

Learn More about 4KIP200

This video introduces AV Access’s 4KIP200 as the AV over IP solution to build a video system or video walls. No configuration is needed for the network switch, plug-n-play models and support intuitive App control via VDirector.

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