There is no video output from HDEX80-KVM receiver

Issue: No video output from HDEX80-KVM receiver.

Product model: HDEX80-KVM

Are you facing the same trouble? Here is the troubleshooting guide for no video output from HDEX80-KVM.

Troubleshooting steps

  1. Check the HDMI output resolution from the source to ensure it is set to 1080P.
  2. Make sure the correct HDMI input channel is selected on the display side.
  3. Check the “status” LED indicators on both the transmitter and receiver to ensure they are in normal status, indicated by a solid on.
  4. Connect the source directly to the display using an HDMI cable to check for any video output. If there is output, try using a different HDMI cable or connecting through the HDEX80-KVM again.

These steps shall help you narrow down and find the problem. If the problem persists and you still couldn’t solve the issue, please feel free to contact us at