USB-C KVM switch for your home office

Advantages of Using a USB-C KVM Switch

Effortless Device Switching

The primary benefit of a USB-C KVM switch is the ability to switch between your laptop and desktop with ease. Whether you’re swapping from your work laptop to your home desktop or vice versa, a simple button press or hotkey combination allows you to toggle between the two seamlessly.

Organized Workspace

Since you are sharing peripheral devices between multiple laptops or computers, the KVM switch helps reduce cable clutter as well. A USB-C KVM switch that supports MST needs only one cable to connect your laptop to a dual monitor setup. This not only saves space but also makes your workstation tidy and organized.

Enhanced Productivity

Constantly plugging and unplugging peripherals can disrupt your workflow and the connectors wear out faster. A dual monitor KVM switch shares two screens between your devices and there will be more screen space for your multi-tasking. A USB-C KVM switch streamlines this process, enabling you to focus on your tasks without interruptions.

High Refresh Rate for Gaming

A high-quality USB-C KVM connects not only your laptop or desktop but also game consoles like Xbox, PS5, and Nintendo Switch. It shall be able to support high refresh rates like 1080P@240Hz or 1440P@144HZ. If you’re looking for even higher performance like 8K, you may be interested in this 8K DisplayPort KVM switch.

Docking Station Features

A KVM switch docking station integrates the features of a KVM switch and a docking station. The advantage is that you can easily enjoy the benefits of a KVM switch, and in the meantime have a docking station shared with your multiple computers/laptops. For example, this KVM switch docking station connects a laptop and desktop with a 12-in-1 versatile docking station, supporting features such as power delivery, Ethernet, Toslink connection, etc.

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