Video flashes occasionally with no picture

Issue - The video on the remote unit flashes occasionally with no picture.

Model: 4KIP100-KVM


  1. Check the output resolution in the source: Make sure that the output resolution from the source device (such as a computer) is compatible with the 4KIP100-KVM. Some resolutions may not be supported, which can cause issues with the video.
    Check the specs here:
  2. Check the length of the Cat X cable: Ensure that the Cat X cable connecting the local and remote units is within the recommended length. If the cable exceeds the maximum length, it may cause issues with the video signal. For this detailed information, you shall look up the user manual.
  3. Test a good-quality shielded cable: Try using a high-quality shielded cable to connect the local and remote units. This will help reduce interference and improve the stability of the video signal.
  4. Check the network switch: If the 4KIP100-KVM is connected to a network switch, make sure that it is a gigabit switch and that the end-to-end bandwidth from the transmitter to the receiver is at least 1Gbps. If the network switch is not capable of handling the required bandwidth, it may cause issues with the video.

If the issue persists, it may be necessary to contact technical support at for further assistance.