Videos about 4KIP200: What is it? How to setup? & VDirector tutorial

HDMI over IP: Build a Plug-n-Play Video System with 4KIP200

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This video introduces AV Access’s 4KIP200 as the AV over IP solution to build a video system or video walls. No configuration needed for the network switch, plug-n-play models and support intuitive App control via VDirector.

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:point_right: Unboxing & setup guides, Unboxing 4KIP200 & Setup guides: Build a Video System at Your Fingertips - YouTube
:point_right: VDirector tutorial, VDirector Tutorial: Control Your AV over IP Matrix at Palm (4KIP200, HDIP100) - YouTube

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If you are interested in 4KIP200, here are more videos introducing the App VDirector, and the unboxing & setup guide of 4KIP200.

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00:00 Product appearance
00:11 What can 4KIP200 do
00:33 How is it used: product features.
01:06 Heads-up
01:31 More tutorials