What's ARC and how to set up ARC for your home theater?

What’s ARC?

ARC is short for Audio Return Channel. It’s a feature built in HDMI to help transmit audio signals from the receiver end (your TV) to the transmitter (your AVR or surround sound system).

Learn more about ARC (& eARC): Difference between HDMI ARC and eARC

What Does an ARC HDMI Extender Do?

If you’re extending the HDMI from your media room to the home theater, you need an HDMI extender. ARC HDMI extender supports long-distance audio transmission and simplifies your setup.

How to Set Up an ARC HDMI Extender?

4KEX70-ARC-H2 is an ARC HDMI extender over Ethernet and you can easily set it up in 5 steps:

  • Step 1: Connect the Transmitter to your AVR
  • Step 2: Connect the Transmitter and Receiver
  • Step 3: Hook up the Receiver to the TV
  • Step 4: Power the HDMI extender
  • Step 5: Connect the IR receiver & emitter cable

Check out this video for more details.