4KEX100-H2 not working, no video output?

HDMI Extender Not Working?

If your HDMI extender is not working and can’t see any video output from the receiver end, these steps help you complete the basic troubleshooting.

1. Check the LED Indicators

Make sure the “Link” LED indicator on the HDMI extender is solid and the “HDCP” LED indicator is solid or blinking. If they are not solid, it may indicate a problem with the connection. Also, make sure that the cat X cable ends connector are compliant with the IEEE T568B standard.

2. Right Video Channel Selected

Ensure that both the source device (for example a laptop or a DVD player) and the display device (a TV or a projector) are powered on. Check that the source device is outputting a video signal, and confirm that you have selected the correct HDMI input channel on the display.

3. Check Your HDMI Cables

This is the most common problem that fails an AV setup. Check all of your HDMI cables to make sure they are working normally. Try connecting the source device directly to the display device using one of these HDMI cables, to check if the video can be shown normally on the display. This will help you determine if the issue is with the HDMI extender or with the cables themselves.

By following these troubleshooting steps, you should be able to eliminate the most common issues and if your problem persists, you shall contact our tech support with more details. Get in touch with us at info@avacceess.com.