4KEX300-F sin señal de video

Hola, no tengo señal de video en 4KEX300-F, la luz de link esta encendida pero la de HDCP no, alguna ayuda?

Hello there,
Thanks for contacting AV Access,we are truly sorry for the issues.
The Status LED is blinking,and the Link LED is solid on,right?
HDCP light off mean there is no content tranmitting,so could you double check:

  1. Does the input source has power on?
  2. Try replace another HDMI cable from source to transmitter?
  3. Try use the HDMI cable direct connect from the source to a display to check does it work properly?
  4. Make sure you have used a duplex OM3 fiber cable and cross-connected it (TX-RX, RX-TX). If you use the single mode fiber and you also need replace the provided Multi-mode Fiber connector with single mode ones.
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