4KEX70-ARC-H2 not seeing Sky HD Box input

I bought an HDMI sender 4KEX70-ARC-H2 to send the output from a sky box housed in my AV cabinet in my garage. This was to upgrade from a lower resolution Wyrestorm signal sender.

This is to get the Sky signal over Cat6 to a lounge around 15m away.

With everything wired in and powered I get green light on power LED on both Tx and Rx. I get green flashing on status. Nothing on HDCP or Link. If I take the HDMI input (the Sky box output) out of the Tx HDMI In and put it back into the Wyrestorm sender it works so I know the Sky box is passing signal.

This is a bit frustrating given it isn’t a cheap bit of kit. Welcome any thoughts.

Hello there,

Thanks for gettingback to us and truly sorry for the trouble with you.
Here have some points want check with you:

  1. Please donnot use the flat cable,and recommend the Shielded twisted cable.
  2. Please make sure the connectors at both ends of the cable meet the IEEE T568B standard.
  3. Use a new cable, or try crimping your Cat cable connectors according to the IEEE T568B standard.

Hi Kevin
I’ve checked the cables and they are Cat6 in the B format. They are round cables not flat.

Hi Grant,

As the Link LED is off mean the transmitter to receiver is no link or link error,this mostly caused by the cable.Could you try change another cat 6a/7 cable to have a check?
And in your system,could you try connect them as below to have a check.
Sky box—HDMI cable—Tx—cat cable ----Rx—HDMI cable—TV.

Thanks for your suggestion Kevin. I’ve tracked the issue which was a non Cat6 coupler. Replaced and now all working well.
Really appreciate the support. thanks Grant