4KIP100-KVM suddenly not finding video

This system has been working fine for me for a few months. It is a desktop PC in my home office that I have connected to my LG OLED tv in my living room, I have been using the setup for a few months as a racing simulator without any problems, direct connected over Cat6 cable. I turned on the system the other day and when the video started for iracing the image was discolored so I power cycled everything and now I only get a “wait for video input” on the TV screen and the second monitor is not detected on my PC.
Any suggestions on getting it working again?

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Thanks for contacting AV Access,this is technical support and we are truly sorry for the issues.
What is the “Link” LED indicator status? It sould be solid on and mean the connection work.
It the link LED light unnormal,please try replace another new cat cable to check.
If the Link LED light work normal, try to check the graphics card driver and update to date.
You also can try connect to a monitor instead of the TV for a test.
Finally, you can try reset the display/TV for a check.
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Reset on the TV worked.

Hi, we are very glad to hear from you the system work now.
Where you purchased our product,from our website directly or on Amazon store?
What is your order number?
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Appreciate for your time.
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