4KIP100-KVM Video Input Issues

Problem: Video Output “wait video input”

If you are experiencing problems with the 4KIP100-KVM and the only output you see is “wait video input,” follow these troubleshooting steps to resolve the issue.
Product model: 4KIP100-KVM


Step 1: Check LED Lights

Check all the LED lights on the device to ensure they are working correctly, as described in the manual. If the Link LED indicator is solid on, it means that the transmitter is receiving a signal from the input source. If the Link LED is off, try changing the cat cable. Additionally, ensure that the input source is set to Duplicate or Extend mode.

Step 2: Check DIP Switch Settings

Ensure that each DIP switch in the receiver is toggled to the same position as in the transmitter. Power cycle both the transmitter and receiver to ensure that the DIP switch changes take effect.

Step 3: Set Source Resolution

Set the source resolution to either 4K@30Hz or 1080P to check if it helps resolve the issue.

Step 4: Check the Connection Mode

If connected to an Ethernet switch, ensure that it is a gigabit switch and has an end-to-end bandwidth of 1Gbps from transmitter to receiver. If connected directly from the transmitter to the receiver over a cat cable, make sure that it is a cat 5e cable or above and comes with the IEEE T568B standard for cable ends connector.

By following these troubleshooting steps, you should be able to resolve any issues with your 4KIP100-KVM video input. If you continue to experience issues, please consult us at info@avaccess.com.