4KMX44-H2 HDMI-CEC issues

I have a 4KMX44-H2 with the following input devices:

  1. Apple TV 4K
  2. Xbox Series X


  1. LG OLED55C16LA + Sonos Beam (Arc)

When I set the EDID Input settings to Smart EDID switching between inputs is nice and fast, however the Apple TV remote is unable to control the volume or power off the TV.

If I switch the Apple TV EDID input to “Copy form output 1” CEC (volume & power controls) work but then switching between inputs becomes very slow. Worse when switching between apps (Netflix, Prime etc) and video content on the Apple TV there are long black screen delays and “No signal” messages on the TV.

Is there anything that can be done to enable HDMI-CEC with Smart EDID or improve content switch speed in “Copy form output 1” mode?

4KMX44-H2 Firmware version

ARM: V2.6
MCU: V3.1
WEB: V1.06

Hello Jonny,

Thanks for get back to AV Access and truly sorry for the trouble.
Please check the CEC part on each output channel form the webUI that does there are setup correcct and you can check on the user manual from Page9-10 about the CEC setting description on webUI.
What’s more,also will double check with engineer then get back to you.

Thanks Kevin, appreciate your help. I’ve tried unplugging everything and plugging everything back in with no luck.

In the CEC settings section I’ve tried setting Auto CEC to on, Manual CEC to on and output port to out1/all. None seem to make a difference when SmartEdid is enabled

Hi Jonny,
Truly sorry for keep you waiting.
Our engineer will have a test in our lab with your similar scenario to try reproduce the problem.
Firstly,this matrix support the CEC command control the single output connected TV to turn on and off from the webUI page,but not support the CEC command pass through from output port to input port and also input port pass through to ouput port.
Secondly,if there have the different EDID at different input port,the switching time would be a little slow and this will depend on the different TVs as well.

Question:So now how long the switching time in your side and how long you want it took?

Thirdly,Could you help snap a vide to show with us about the long black screen delays and “No signal” messages issues.
Many thanks,

Thanks for the reply Kevin, apologies also for the delay in responding. I’ve created some videos of the slow switching but unfortunately when I attempt to attach them here they aren’t accepted due to the format (mp4 or mov).

The tests involved loading the same video on Netflix using the AppleTV. Both tests used the same HDMI port on the TV. Using the “Copy form output 1” EDID setting for input 1 on the 4KMX44.

When the AppleTV is directly connected to the TV it takes 3/4 seconds from clicking play to the content resuming.
When the AppleTV is connected via the 4KMX44 to the TV it takes 8/9 seconds from clicking play to the content resuming.

It’s unfortunate to hear CEC pass through isn’t supported, but it explains why I’m experiencing issues. The device isn’t suited to my particular needs. Does AV Access have HDMI switching or matrix device that supports CEC pass through?

Hello Jonny,

Now we not have the matrix device support the CEC pass through model.