4×1 4K HDMI Multi-Viewer - TV going blank every 10 minutes


I have a 4×1 4K HDMI Multi-Viewer with 2 laptops, 1 apple TV and 1 DVD player plugged in

Everything is working fine but every 10 minutes (roughly) the TV goings totally blank for around 3 seconds, then all 4 screens come back on again

This doesn’t happen if i am not using the 4×1 4K HDMI Multi-Viewer, if only using the Apple TV plugged directly into the TV for example its fine (so the TV cannot be at fault)

Can anyone offer any help please?




Hi mnichollsuk, welcome to the community!
This seems like an annoying situation. @John could you help with this? Thanks!

Hi, this is John from AV Access. Thank you for all the information.
Actually we had a test of the situation you mentioned in our lab, but I am sorry that we didn’t meet a similar situation. Everything works fine over 12 hours.
I am afraid that there may be a problem about your setup of the product, please could you kindly send a video to us if it is possible? So that we can confirm the problem for you. Thanks a lot.

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