8KSW21DP-DM very slow response on Apple Studio and Dell Dock

Hello - I have the8KSW21DP-DM that I use with a Mac Studio M2, and a Dell Thunderport Dock, using a displayport connection to a single Dell U3219w monitor. They shared keyboard is a Logitech G915 using a lightening speed connector into the shared usb3 port, and a Logitech MX master using a normal logitech adaptor into the shared 2.0 port. The dock is about 5 months old.

The Dell dock works mostly fine. Some lag, but the Mac is very laggy, slow to respond, keybaord dropping out, and mouse skipping. I’ve tried premium cables and the supplied cables, including swapping ports.

Any ideas?

Hello Terry,
Thanks for reaching out,we are truly sorry for the issues.
Recommend to direct connect the USB-A to USB-B cable from laptop to 8KSW21DP-DM, and bypass the dell thunderbolt dock,Maybe your mac studio not have the USB-A port and you can use the USB-A(male) to USB-A(female) adapter to make the direct connection.

Best Regards,