About the pricing

Hi there, I bought a model in your Amazon store a while back in 2020

HDMI Extender Supports HDMI 2.0, HDCP 2.2, HDR, CEC, IR, RS232, PoE, HDBaseT, Zero Latency, Transfer 4K@60Hz Signal up to 70m(230ft), 4K HDMI

I’m interested in purchasing another device that is Dolby Vision compatible but I see on Amazon that it is significantly cheaper than the previous model I bought which does not have Dolby vision.

AV Access HDMI Extender(HDBaseT),Uncompressed 4K 60Hz Over Single Cat5e/6a, 70m(230ft) 1080P,40m(130ft) 4K,PoE+IR+RS232+HDCP2.2,HDR & Dobly Vision,Dolby Atmos & DTS

What features does the first one have that the Dolby vision model doesn’t that makes it cheaper? Thanks a lot.


Hi there, Thank you for visiting our community. This is John from AV Access.

The product you have is 4KEX70-H2, it can support HDMI 2.0, and the product you are looking for is 4KEX70-L, which can only support HDMI 1.4, this the biggest difference between them. In another word, the 4KEX70-H2 will perform better during the transmitting.

Meanwhile, I am afriad that made a mistake about the Price, the product 4KEX70-L is cheaper than 4KEX70-H2.
Here are the product links for your reference:
4KEX70-H2: (https://www.avaccess.com/products/4kex70-h2/)
4KEX70-L: (https://www.avaccess.com/products/4kex70-l/)

Hope this answer will be helpful for you. Have a nice day.