B30 hidden screen not being used

So I have an iDock B30 and my setup is a 2 laptop and 2 monitor setup.
When I am on Screen1 I notice that i cannot interact with any other pages other than the open page on Screen2. When I find the cursor I only can interact the the open screen on Screen2. Please is there a way around this?


Hi Owenism. I would love to see what I can help here. It’s hard to understand what’s going on by words. I don’t know what do you mean by “interact with pages” /“interact with open screen”. Are you saying the mouse is not working as you wish? If you can make a video that would be helpful.

Hi Cecilia

Thanks for responding
So this is my problem

  1. I have a 2 Laptop and 2 monitor setup running on Idock B30
  2. When I am on Laptop 1 I cannot use any other pages on Laptop 2 other than the screen it was on before you switched .
    I have tried my best to send a link to a video recording
    Please let me know if I explained it properly on the video.
    Lastly do you think the C20 will have this same issue also,

Thanks for your help.

Video here - Dropbox

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Thanks for your clarification. I just consulted our tech and it’s because of EDID emulation.

This KVM has EDID emulation, that is, when you switch to laptop 1 - in fact, laptop 2 is no longer connected via HDMI to your displays, but it’s tricked by EDID emulation that it’s still connecting to the displays. So tabs you can’t open on your laptop screen are running in the dummy, invisible displays.

EDID emulation is used to avoid desktop shifting (your browser tabs, your desktop icons etc.) when you switch away and switch back.

This is a common problem for KVM with EDID emulation. The pages you can’t open, it’s because they are still in the false displays. When you switch it back to the external displays, you will see them lying there.

Yes, it’s kind of inconvenience. While it’s a price for keeping your desktop intact every time you switch between 2 PCs.

Hi Cecilia

Thanks for coming back to me.
Do you know if this issue happens on the C20 also?
if it does are there any work arounds that you know if?
if not your ANYONE??


Yes, C20 also. As long as the KVM switch has EDID emulation, this problem will exist. Same for all switches on the market.

There is one workaround. You can unplug the USB-C cable when you need to work on the laptop without using the KVM. And plug it back when you wanna switch to it for dual screens.