Can a SSD keeps connncted to one PC while I switch to another?

Hi, I am a new user of this KVM switch and one thing bothers me. When I switch from one computer to another, my SSD will be ejected from the previous. Frequent switching may harm the drive. Any solution that I can keep it connected to one of the computers? Thanks.

KVM switch does switch both HDMI and USB signals so when you need to switch over and control the other computer, the drive will go to the other, too. There is a workaround. Maybe you can use a USB extender or a USB switch so it works separately from your KVM switch’s USB hub.

Check if these kits help.

  1. USB extender
    AV Access USB Extender, Up to 60m(196ft) , 4 USB2.0 Ports, Plug & Play

  2. USB switch
    AV Access USB Switch w/ 4x USB 3.0 Port for Home Office