Display power off through 4KIP100-KVM HDMI

When the remote display connected through a 4KIP100-KVM is initially off, the computer knows that it is off and shows Displays Settings in Windows 10 without it. When the remote display is turned on, the computer knows that it is turned on and shows Display Settings including it. However, if it is turned off after being on, the computer does not know that is is turned off and it is still producing video for it.

In other words, whether the display being driven by the receiver HDMI is active is propagated back to the HDMI input of the transmitter when the link is first established. When the display goes from inactive to active this is propagated back to the HDMI input of the transmitter. However, when the display goes from active to inactive this is not propagated back to the HDMI input.

This causes issues with us because our computers support 3 displays. The wall display using the 4KIP100-KVM is a 4th which requires disconnecting one of the other 3 to use. It would be good if Windows knew when we turned off the wall display so it could switch back to display settings with all the other 3 connected.

Is there some setting that we can configure or other fix to allow the transmitter HDMI to reflect when the display the receiver is connected to becomes inactive?

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Hi Tim. Welcome to the AV Access community! I have talked to our tech support @Kevin and he will help look into this. Get back to you later.

Hi Tim,the extenders is different with connected the display to the source dircetly,it will simulate the EDID and keep propagated back to source from transmitter,the HDMI input will keep produce video for it,although the remote display was off.
Truly sorry but now not have a good solution to improve this status,unless to disconnect the HDMI to transmitter or turn it off.