Dual monitor KVM switch: My mouse is restricted to the primary screen

Issue: Mouse is restricted to the primary screen

Product model: 4KSW21-DM

“When I switch to the USB mode, I missed my mouse control for the PC on the right. The cursor is trapped on the primary screen and I can’t have it back.”

Troubleshooting steps

1. Check Setup

Sometimes connecting a dual monitor KVM switch or a multi-display KVM switch could be confusing. If you mix up a cable, the setup will fail to work as you would have expected. So you do have to make sure that HDMIs and the USB cable in the same group shall be connected to the same system.

Ensure that your setup is correct and follows the diagram connection on the manual for the 4KSW21-DM KVM switch. Make sure that the KVM switch is connected to both monitors and the computers correctly.

2. Check screen setup

If you are using the USB mode, both systems are on the screen - one on the left and another on the right. If the system is displayed on the screen that is set as an extended screen, you may not be able to find the cursor as it is on the invisible primary screen backstage.

If you are using two PCs or laptops, and you need to switch both systems between KVM mode and USB mode. To ensure that you always have your main screen visible, you have to set one monitor as the primary screen of system A, and another monitor as the primary screen of system B.