eShare W50 wireless connection & control

We have received a ticket from our customer about the eShare W50 peripherals’ control:

W50 Wireless Connection

“We tried to connect a camera and speaker and unfortunately that didn’t work. Can it be that the eShare W50 can only be used with other devices from you? Or is it possible to connect external devices as well?”

You can connect USB devices (microphones, webcams, displays, etc.) from brands other than AV Access and eShare W50 does not work exclusively with AV Access’s devices. We make it to be open and highly compatible.

The problem is that eShare W80’s wireless connection (whether via dongle or screen mirroring) does not offer USB host control to your device. You have to connect the USB cable to the device on which you want to control the peripherals in the system.

eShare W80 Tackled This

Yes, eShare W80 is an upgraded version and it’s capable of holding a wireless conference. When you use eShare D20 to connect your laptop or computer to the eShare W80 system, you can make use of the peripherals connected to it right away for the hybrid meeting. Need no USB cable connection.

:point_right:Learn more about eShare W80 here.