Hdmi kvm extender (4KEX100-KVM) power light not on

Hi there. My kvm extender is not working. I have a PC in my room for work and want to play video games on my SAMSUNG ODYSSEY in the living room.

I already got them connected with an ethernet cable - both dhmi and usb host are pluuged, as well as the power adpater.

Looks like the receiver is on but the transmitor is dead without a light. What shall I do next or I just got a flawed set? Model SKU: 4KEX100-KVM.

Please help. Thanks.


Check if you got both ends powered. Since your receiver is on and you are not going through a blackout and the transmiter shall be on too.

Hi @psylibree, welcome to AV Access community. Looks like there is something wrong with the connection. I guess you can start from 2 things: the power and the cable.

  • Check which end is powered. Since the model supports one-way PoH, the power adpater has to be on the transmitter side.
  • Sometimes an unqualified or wornout CAT cable fails to transmit eletricity (maybe HDMI data as well) so try a new one. Or test it with other devices to check if it still works.

There are some troubleshooting guides down on the product model page where these two points are mentioned with more details. I will paste here for your reference:

Source: https://www.avaccess.com/products/4kex100-kvm/

Hope this would help.
Have a good day.

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Thanks. I had figured out the problem (shall put the power on the other side) and they works perfectly.

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