iDock 20: Monitor not detected by Fedora after switching inputs

I recently purchased the iDock C20. I like it a lot and it generally works well with my setup - I have it connected via USB-C to both a Macbook Air and a Framework 13 running Fedora 40. Into the iDock I also have plugged in my webcam, keyboard, mouse and 34" monitor (via HDMI).

I’ve noticed that when I’ve been using the Air for a long time (for example when I work from home for 8 hours), if I switch back to the Framework laptop then the monitor is not detected. The keyboard and mouse work fine, but Fedora says no external display is connected. If I unpug the power cord to the iDock and plug it back in, then the monitor is detected by Fedora. If the Framework just goes to sleep or if I only use the Macbook for a little bit, then the Framework has no problems detecting the iDock.

Do you think this is an issue with the iDock compatibility with linux? Any suggestions for troubleshooting steps I could take?

Hey there,

Thanks for getting back to AV Access and we are truly sorry for the trouble caused.
For our iDock, as we not have the full testing with the linux system,so there may have some unknown compatible issues.
In this case,I afraid cannot solve the problem in a shot time.

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