iDock B30, output monitor display not waking up

Ok, I just got a replacement iDock B30 due to video output to the monitor displays failed. Using an HP Omen with Nvidea Gforce GTX1080 card, using the single hdmi and 1 of the DP video outs to a pair of HP E24i G4 WUXGA Monitors.

Also using a Dell Latitude laptop using the USBC mst cable which sends and receives everything.

The new device is working, however when I was done working on the laptop for the day and switch to the desktop, the audible sound is hear where the usb devices are connecting, however the monitors are not sensing any input from the device. It requires me to power cycle the B30 dock and display come right on.

I’ve disabled the monitors to sleep in windows 10 so that they never go to sleep and now set so the computer never goes to sleep, but I’m not sure this is where the issue is.

Does anyone else have this issue?
What am I doing wrong?
Are you supposed to need to power cycle the iDock to sense the video output?

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May I know the interval time? How long have you been working on the laptop and have the desktop in sleep? I don’t think there is anything wrong you have done. Power cycle works for some special cases and it can be a solution.