iDock C10 - Ethernet Connection is not working

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I am using the iDock C10 and my computer is not getting an Ethernet connection. Within Windows 11, there is no new Ethernet adapter, and all existing ones are in the “Network cable unplugged” status.

The Ethernet cable is correctly plugged into the iDock and the LEDs (orange and green) are blinking.

Is an additional driver required?

I have not yet connected a notebook and tested it with one.
All other functions of the docking station work without problems.

Win 11 22H2
USB A to USB A/B cable is plugged into a USB 3.2 port on the computer

Hello there,

Thanks for contacting AV Access and we are so sorry for that.
But for this iDock C10,the Ethernet connection only work with the laptop thru the USB-C connection,but not for desktop.
So you need use another separate cat cable connect from router/switch to desktop directly.
Truly sorry for the inconveninece.

Hello there,

I’m stunned. This makes no sense to me :smile:
But thanks for your reply.

Is there another iDock Model which supports Ethernet on desktop and laptop?
If so i would definitely upgrade cause the iDock is a nice product.

Hello,Truly sorry for the delay response.
Now our iDock for desktop and laptop models only support the LAN work for the laptop.
We have the two desktop model: iDock D23,which come with display ports in and output for two desktops,and the LAN connection work for both two desktop at the same time.