iDock C10 one monitor showing snow after switch back


I am running a MacMini 2023 M2 DP, HDMI and USB ports, along with a windows laptop on the USB-C connection.

Everything works great, but when I switch back from the PC (USB-C) to the MacMini, one of my monitors just shows snow. (the monitor connected to DP)

If I restart the Mac mini the problem resolves, but repeats instantly when I do the switch and switch back


Hi Ross,

Thanks for getting back to us,and truly sorry for this trouble.
Did you used the cables provided in the package?
What is this monitor output resolution?
Have you try change a high end DP cable to have a check?

Hi Kevin

Needed mini display port cable (for Macmini) so no appropriate cable included in box
Bought new cable from Amazon and it works fine … until you change the input and then come back to the Macmini

Refresh rate is 60 hertz and resultion set to recommended 1920x1080

Hi, from your description and this issues happened seems related to the USB-C to Displayport cable. Since now we not have the testing with this scene and we will try get some this type cables to have a test then update to you.
For now the alternatives is recommend to try use the well-know brand with high quality cable,like Belkin.