iDock C20 and Corsair K100 AIR keyboard on swicth reconnecting


The iDock C20 keeps reconnecting the Corsair K100 AIR keyboard when switching PCs, which seems to send the spacebar when reconnecting.

Just a little inconvenient but otherwise love the C20.


Hello Michael,
Truly sorry for the delay response.

  1. Recommend to connect the keyboard wireless USB dongle in the front USB port.
  2. It will have a spacebar pressed process during swicthing between two laptops,which is work for the auto wake-up computer function.
    Now we have the new firmware for this iDock C20 and please you can download and try have a upgrade to check does it helpful foe the reconnecting issues:–nXIWgg84?rlkey=vkq4g2zt9okgg2fejq30r6znu&st=079y3um6&dl=0