iDock D23 Gaming PC & Work Laptop

Hello all,

I have a gaming PC I built that is connected to a 48" monitor and 2 32" monitors. I want to use the D23 to switch between the Gaming PC and my work laptop with the ability to utilize all 3 monitors.

I understand what would need to be connected from the Gaming PC. However, I only have an HDMI port on the laptop. I have purchased a DP to HDMI 8K cord.

My question is would I just need to connect the HDMI from the laptop to the D23 and then I will access all of the monitors that are connected to the Output on the D23?

Thanks in advance,

Hello Layne,

Thanks for reaching us.
Because of the 3 output channel work separately,so each the input computer need have 3 video connection,if you only connected this HDMI to DP channel,and it will only work with one monitor.
Does your laptop have the USB-C port support video output and come with MST or DP alt mode,so you can use the USB-C adapter to get another Displayport connections.
Finally,the USB-A to USB-B cable also need connected from laptop to iDock D23 directly,so the USB peripherals can work with this laptop when switching.
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