Kinesys Freestyle Edge keyboard dropping keys and repeating keys on iDock C10 laptop mode

My C10 is connected to a Dell Precision 5560 laptop and my custom built desktop with dual U2413 monitors, Logitech Master 3s via the Logi Bolt USB receiver and a Kinesys Freestyle Edge keyboard plugged into a USB-3 port on the back. On the desktop side, everything is working great.

However, when I switch to the laptop side, after a bit of typing, the keyboard begins to drop characters or starts to repeat until I either switch to the desktop side or I unplug the keyboard. I’ve tried the keyboard plugged into all the different USB-2 and USB-3 ports with the same results. I’ve even turned off the lighting with no improvement. I’ve also tried the Matias ErgoPro ergonomic keyboard with the same results but worse. I also tried plugging in my Kinesys into a powered hub and then the power hub into the C10 but the Kinesys still drops characters and at some point goes into repeat mode.

I am currently using a basic keyboard plugged into a USB-3 port on the back without any issues.

Hey Klee,

Thank you for reaching out to AV Access.
Are you use the USB-C cable we provided in the package?
This problem seems caused by the 2.4Ghz USB wireless dongle interfered by the USB 3.0,so could you try use the USB extend cable to extend the USB port then connect to the keyboard if possible.
As the USB-IF has confirmed that USB 3.0 will interfere with the 2.4G dongle receivers used by wireless mouse and keyboards. You can check whether a USB 3.0 device is connected next to the wireless dongle accessory. Please connect the USB 3.0 to an interface far away from the wireless dongle, such as the USB 3.0 interface on the rear panel

Hi Kevin.

The laptop is connected to the KVM via the provided USB-C cable.

The wireless dongle is plugged into the front USB port and the keyboard is plugged into a rear USB port.

Are you asking me to use a USB extension cable to move the wireless dongle away from the KVM?

Hi Klee,

Yes,use the USB extension cable to move the keyboard away from the KVM to have a try.

The keyboard will still be physically located the same distance away from the KVM with or without the extension cable in order for me to work. I will try putting the USB wireless dongle on an extension cable and moving it away from the KVM.

Just had a repeating key incident on the keyboard again with the USB wireless dongle on a 3ft extension cable that allowed the dongle t sit on top of my monitor putting it 20inches away from the KVM. I will try putting the keyboard on the extension cable instead.

So my keyboard is now attached via 2 daisy chained 3ft extension cables to a USB3 port on the back of the KVM. I am still getting the repeating characters, dropped characters and sometimes keyboard freezes on the laptop side but not as frequently. It’s almost usable. No problems at all on the desktop side.

If I switch out the Kinesis keyboard with a cheap basic keyboard, everything is fine.

Hi Klee,thanks for your hard work and update to us. that seems have the compativility issue with this keyboard.Will transfer to our engineer and have a check then get back to you,but we not have this keyboard in hand so maybe it cannot be solved in a short time.

I don’t think it’s the Kinesys keyboard. I just had an old Acer keyboard plugged into one of the back USB-3 ports and it froze with the indicator LEDs blinking at me while I was trying to type this reply. I have now switched it out for a Logitech K120 keyboard now which has been working OK for the past minute or so. I am wondering if the problem is the feeding of all the USB ports into the single USB-C interface to the laptop as everything works fine on the desktop side.

NOTE: The Logitech K120 started dropping characters and then went into repeating mode towards the end of those post. I had to plug it into my laptop directly.

Sorry Klee,our engineer team also are trying do more test to reproduce and get the log for this issue and will work hard on this USB issues.

Hi Kevin.

I checked the specs of my Dell Precision 5560 carefully and it has 3 USB-C ports: the 2 on the left are Thunderbolt 4 with Power Delivery and the 1 on the right is USB 3.2 Gen 2 with DisplayPort Alt Mode. Due to the length of the supplied USB-C cord, I had plugged the C10 into the USB-C port on the right. Based on the C10 user manual, this should have been fine. However, I have now rotated my laptop 180 degrees and plugged the C10 into the rearmost Thunderbolt 4 port. So far, during intermittent use, the Kinesys keyboard and mouse have been behaving. Hopefully, the keyboard and mouse will continue working without issue during a full day of use.

Appreciate for your time to testing and sharing this valuable information,this is very important for us and other customers.
And has transfered to our engineer to have a further check.
Look forward to your further testing results.
Have a nice day~


Hi Kevin.

After a full day of working on my laptop via the KVM plugged into the Thunderbolt 4 port, no issues with my keyboard or mouse. I am thinking to purchase a 2m certified Thunderbolt 4 cable to use in place of the provided 1m USB-C cable so I can place my laptop back in its original location.

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