My splitters does not support both 4k and 1080p

Here is a funny thing, I bought the product 4KSP14-D a few days ago, but I realise that I might choose the worng product. (Sad) I have 2 sets of 4K TVs and 1 set of 1080p TV, but you know what, after I connect all stuffs I find all my TVs can only support 1080p now!! It can only support the same resolution for all these three TVs. It’s like I spend $35.99 to change my 4K tvs to 1080p!! I should ask them before buying it, now I have to accept it.


Hello Marsa. Welcome to our community. This John from AV Access.
I’m sorry to hear that you chosen the wrong product. Actually, if you want to use TVs have different resolution, please you need to note the downs-caller function, which can support 4K and 1080P in the same time. If you are not sure about it, please you can inquiry on our website. According to your situation, the product 4KSP14-S is the proper one for you. Here is the link for your reference. (

Meanwhile, we can replace the product for you if you bought it in 30 days. Please you can contact us on our website directly or send an email to me at this email address. (


I don’t know about downs-caller. Thanks for the advice. I will look into it and email you soon.