New iDock C10 - keyboard and mouse not working with Mac mini

I have a new iDOCK C10 - My windows laptop connects with no problems using the USB-C connection, and the keyboard and mouse that I’m using work great. When I switch to computer 2 which is a mac mini, the keyboard and mouse don’t work. They keyboard doesn’t light up. I have tried 2 different keyboards and 1 wireless mouse. I’ve also tried both the front and rear ports on the C10 device. Any help would be appreciated.
Thank you,

Hello Trudi,
Thanks for getting back to AV Access,this is technical support and we are truly sorry for this trouble.

  1. Does the USB-A to USB-B cable connected from your mac mini to our Idock C10(USB B) ?
  2. I think your mac mini come with USB-C but not USB-A,so recommend to use a USB-A(male) to USB-A(female) adapter,so the usb cable can connected.
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