Only HDMI working C10 dock

Hello, I attatched an mini pc with two hmdi ports to de c10 dock.
One cable connected with an converter HDMI->DP. But only de displayport is working.
When connecting an laptop all is working fine.
What can it be?

Hello there,

For the PC input group with DP+HDMI,two output channel are work separately,which mean the DP in would output to HDMI out 1 and HDMI in would output to HDMI out 2. So you can double check which output monitor nor work,if is out 1 and that mean maybe caused by the converter issues and you can try direct connect to the monitor and without thru our C10 to have a test.

I tested and indead its the DP port\cable. Are there specifcations for the converter HDMI-DP?

Hi,you need ensure the converter support the signal transfer from HDMI end to DP end, and it is better HDMI 2.0 to DP 1.4a/2.0.
Many thanks.

Would this converter work?

Hello,it seems only support transfer from DP to HDMI,but not HDMI to DP.

maybe you can check like this one:
FOINNEX HDMI naar DisplayPort Adapter 4K @ 60Hz : Elektronica

We bought the adapter. But it is still not working.
When I connect the PC with 2 HDMI cables at two monitors it works.
When connecting de PC to the dock it doesn’t work.
What to do?

Hi,have you try use this adapterconnect to the monitor to check does it work or not?
And recently we have another client feedback to us this adapter is working:
Please note that the adapter must support the signal transfer from HDMI end to DisplayPort end.


We already returned the adapter. I’ll check this adapter

We can’t order this adapter in the Netherlands.
Do you have any alternatives?


Sorry and need you try have a test in your side,here is two link for your reference:

  2. CableDeconn HDMI to DisplayPort DP Cable, HDMI Plug 3840x2160 UHD 4K to DisplayPort DP Connector with USB Connection Converter 15cm Cable for Laptop Desktop Monitors : Electronics & Photo