RCA source for 4KEX70-ARC-H2

I have an 4KEX70-ARC-H2 (https://www.avaccess.com/products/4kex70-arc-h2/). The transmitter is connected to a Denon AVR via HDMI and an LG TV is connected to the receiver. ARC works fine.

I also have an RCA source at the receiver (TV) end which I’d like to send through to the Denon AVR. Here’s my understanding on how I could do that and listen to that source:

  • Connect the RCA source to a RCA to Toslink converter (to be purchased)
  • Switch audio control to S/PDIF on the Receiver
  • Connect the AVR via optical cable to the S/PDIF out on the AV access transmitter
  • Switch the AVR to the optical input

Is this correct? If so this means I can use either ARC or the RCA source, right?

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@Kevin Can you help with this?

Hello Thomas,

Thanks for reaching AV Access.
As you mentioned,yes and the device can work in ARC mode or S/PDIF IN mode and switch these two mode via the DIP switch in receiver front pannel.

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Thanks for the clarification