Slide to KVM mode, but USB connections do not work

Issue: USB connections do not work on KVM mode.

Product model: 4KSW21-DM

Troubleshooting Steps

1. Check USB mode

Slide the KVM switch to USB mode and check if the USB connections work. If they do, then the issue might be that USB is not connected to the correct PC. The light on the switch button would signify which PC you are using. The USB cable shall be correctly connected to that PC (instead of another).

2. Check the connection on the switch

Check your connection. Ensure that the connections on the switch are set up correctly.

  1. PC1 should be connected to HDMI in 1A/1B & USB host 1;
  2. The second PC should be connected to HDMI 2A/2B & USB host 2.

If none of the above solutions work, please contact us at for further assistance.