The Hotkey on Keyboard Doesn't Work

Problem: The hotkey on Keyboard Doesn’t Work

Product model: 8KSW21-KVM

If you’re experiencing issues with the hotkey function on your keyboard, follow these steps to troubleshoot the problem.

1. Check the USB Connection

Make sure that the keyboard is connected to the USB 1.1 port (with a keyboard icon above) on the switch. If not, disconnect the keyboard and reconnect it to the correct USB port.

2. Check the Hotkey

Ensure that you’re pressing the correct hotkey. The default hotkey is “Tab”. Quickly press one of the four hotkeys (Tab/Caps Lock/Left Ctrl/Right Ctrl) twice on your keyboard to activate it or switch to it. If the hotkey is not working, try pressing the hotkey again and wait for a few seconds.

3. Follow the Manual Guide

Make sure you are operating the hotkey correctly, as described in the manual. For example, if the present default hotkey is “Tab”, you can press “Tab”+ “1”/“Tab”+“2”/“Tab”+“3”/“Tab”+“4” to switch to HDMI input 1/2/3/4 respectively. You can also press “Tab” + “→”/ “Tab”+ “←” to switch to the next or the previous input source.

4. Test Keyboard Functionality

Check if the keyboard works when typing regular characters. If not, then the keyboard may be faulty. Try changing to another wired keyboard to test if it works correctly.

5. Check Cable Connection

Check if the USB-A to USB-B cable is connected from the source to the switch. If not, disconnect and reconnect the cable. If the cable is damaged or broken, replace it with a new one.

6. Try a different USB port

If the keyboard is not working on the current USB port, try plugging it into a different USB port. It could be that the current port is not functioning correctly.

7. Compatibility Check

Try changing other wired keyboards to test. Maybe there are compatibility issues if the new keyboard works fine.

Please feel free to contact our tech support at if the problem persists.